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Since its very inception, HARYALI has headed towards planning and creating those conditions that enable people, particularly in rural and slum areas, to become self-reliant, participative citizens, and partners in the larger process of social reconstruction.

Over the years, HARYALI has been engaged in a diverse range of activities. Its main activities have been as follows:

  • Research Studies / Surveys
  • Evaluation of Development Programs / NGOs
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation
  • Data Processing
  • Capacity building, Training & Orientation
  • Policy Impacting
  • Organizing Conferences, Workshops & Seminars
  • Execution of development programmes
  • Feasibility Studies / Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Research studies/ Surveys: HARYALI has conducted research on projects like: Panchayati raj institutions and their role in health and development; feasibility studies for new agro-technologies, dairying, sericulture, and self-employment; participation of Scheduled Castes and Tribes and minorities development; entrepreneurship among rural women; women empowerment; health and family welfare planning; HIV/AIDS, female infanticide, KAP studies; functioning of PHCs and AWCs; disability, elderly women and other geriatric studies, etc.
  • Evaluation: HARYALI conducts evaluations to test and improve the effectiveness of programs and policies adopted for the socio-economic development. There are more than 100 evaluations that have been either completed or are ongoing. HARYALI has evaluated Total Literacy Campaign, Post Literacy Campaign, and AFLP of adult education programmes. It has conducted evaluation of JSS and SRC; assessment of educational complexes in the tribal areas; role of non-governmental organizations in providing healthcare services, vocational training, education and rehabilitation of disabled persons etc.
  • Monitoring: HARYALI has Undertaken monitoring of agriculture projects in Bihar, training programme in UP and Integrated Handloom Development scheme in UP, Bihar and J&K.
  • Documentation: Documentation of an important project “Rajiv Gandhi Health Care Project” was undertaken for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Documentation of all the projects undertaken by HARYALI is also done here.

  • Data Processing: Undertaken data entry and data analysis of several projects by using Excel and SPSS.
  • Capacity building, Training & Orientation: Embroidery training for village women; silk-weaving; vocational training; awareness-generation of malaria and HIV / AIDS; etc.
  • Policy impact: HARYALI performs effective analysis to identify the most effective ways to achieve policy goals.