Our Objectives

  • To identify and analyze the factors responsible for differential and tardy change and development, particularly in rural areas.
  • To design and implement micro-level social intervention programmes for capacity-building and improving the quality of life of the under-privileged or deprived people.
  • To evolve and implement communication strategies having the ability to influence the thinking and behavior of the people, esp. those in rural and tribal areas.
  • To organize need-based training and orientation workshops / programmes for opinion leaders, elected representatives and fieldworkers at the grass-roots level to bring about an accelerated pace of development;
  • To carry out an evaluation / assessment of on-going programmes meant to introduce or consolidate change and development in villages and towns.
  • To ascertain, in quantitative and qualitative terms, the impact of different programmes and schemes on the people and their lifestyle.
  • To formulate and conduct action research projects which pave the way for the empowerment of marginalized or weaker sections in society, esp. in rural and tribal areas.
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